Sponsorship Opportunities

Your sponsorship support for Zebra Crossings ensures this caring program is in reach of all children who live with a chronic health condition. 

You Make The Difference

Our Vision is to have Zebra Crossings known and available to the public and across the state. It is vital that youth with chronic medical conditions continue to be provided with recreational and learning opportunities. Zebra Crossings’ kids are counting on you more than ever. By committing ourselves to their success, we are committing to the life changing work that positively impacts all aspects of a child’s life.

  • Capacity Building Gifts to enable us act on our vision now
  • Matching Gifts help us leverage specific campaign donations
  • Legacy or Endowment Fund gifts to help us sustain our future
  • ZC Anniversary Sponsorship Packet to help us recognize our community that supported us in reaching this milestone and empowering our youth and families
  • Corporate Giving and naming opportunities include:
    • $ 2,500 Level: Summer Camp Sponsor
    • $ 1,500 Level: Family Weekend Sponsor
    • $ 1,000 Level: Teen Weekend Sponsor
    • $   500  Level: Monthly Program Day Sponsor
    • $   250  Level: Fund a Camper

We will offer our most generous supporters recognition appropriate to their level of giving.

View our 2020 Program Sponsorship Opportunities.

Please Contact Us for more information or to discuss your sponsorship preferences with us.

Our Wish List

From yarn to band-aids, Zebra Crossings maintains a list of items that are always handy for our programs. We accept donations of items that will be useful in our day-to-day.

Programs With A Mission

Zebra Crossings’ programs serve various age groups along with parents and siblings. Currently we serve children with asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, JRA, congenital heart defects, hemophilia, severe allergies, skin conditions and autoimmune disorders. 

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