Zebra Crossings COVID-19 Statement July 14, 2021

Programs That Empower

We offer a diverse range of programs throughout the year that allow children with

chronic health conditions to renew their spirits in a positive peer community.

The Importance of Play

Young people need to have opportunities to be engaged in interactive play, through which they learn to interact with others and feel a sense of belonging. They feel empowered in a safe and supportive community that allows them to learn new skills, and to explore their values and beliefs. These opportunities help shape their thinking and attitudes.

Positive experiences away from home will help them build confidence and self-esteem. Our participants will be able to apply their learning in their home communities with the belief that they are capable to influence their own future in a positive way.

Our youth and teen programs serve children with a variety of chronic medical conditions, and their families. Medical conditions include (but are not limited to): asthma, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, epilepsy, heart defects, hemophilia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, severe allergies and skin conditions.

Family Weekend Programs 

Heart Family Camp – Congenital Heart Defect – Nov. 12-14, 2021 – Registration open now 

Betsy’s Camp (CLOVES community) – June 23-26, 2022

  • A long weekend retreat for people with CLOVES syndrome and their families to provide a supportive community and networking opportunities with peers
  • Program partner: CLOVES Syndrome Community
  • For a preview of what to expect, view our 2020 Betsy’s Camp Flyer

Open Airways Virtual Asthma Program (ages 8-11)

We are excited to be working with the NH Asthma Control Program to run an “Open Airways for Schools” curriculum as developed by the American Lung Association.

This program, for youth ages 8-11 includes six skill building sessions on asthma education. Within these six sessions your camper will learn about asthma and how it affects them, how to recognize their triggers, know when to get help, set up an asthma action plan, and learn how to relax during an attack. At the end of the program they will receive a certificate to show that they are ready to carry their own quick relief inhaler at school, or at any of their programs, with confidence. An asthma action plan will be filled out, so everyone will be able to work together to better care for your child’s wellness.

2021 Open Airways Flyer for details.

This pilot program is free. We ask families commit to attending all four sessions. We will periodically be adding new sessions based on interest and enrollment, contact [email protected] for further information and to be added to the waiting list. New dates will be announced when we have enough campers interested to run the program.

General Admission Guidelines

Our goal is to empower as many participants as possible, help them to pursue their goals and to realize their full potential within our program objectives, staffing model and resources.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants, our general admission guidelines include that participants must be able to:

  • Shower, toilet, dress and feed themselves independently and with minimal supervision
  • Walk 150 yards unassisted and without extreme fatigue – the use of a wheelchair to aid in transitions may be considered
  • Verbally communicate their needs with our staff
  • Participate in group activities supervised at a 1:8 staff to camper ratio level
  • Have a completed Medical Provider Form indicating the appropriate activity level for participation (not required for virtual programs)

We are thankful for the support of our 2021 programs from Upton & Hatfield and D.F. Richard.


Each child is unique but they also have a lot in common and can relate to each other because of their conditions. On their own, they often stand out in their communities because of their perceived limitations or needs. However, in our community, we find strength in numbers and feel empowered. The Zebra Crossings team is devoted to furthering this mission.

“It is an amazing experience to not feel alone in the world. To meet and share some wonderful kid stories has given me and my family so much hope for the future”

- Family Camp Parent

“Before camp my son was embarrassed to go to the nurse. He wouldn’t take meds before gym, and then tried to hide his asthma symptoms and chest/lung pain.” Since camp, my son has been willing to take albuterol before gym class, has been more confident and willing to participate in groups with active outdoor activities.”

- Asthma Camp Parent

“Zebra Crossings is a fun place where you can go and feel safe because they understand how you feel. You get to express yourself and experience all kinds of things and nothing holds you back.”

- Luke, age 10

“Zebra Crossings has given my children a power they never would have learned to unleash. Here, they feel accepted, encouraged and understood. They are taught that what they believe to be their inadequacies, can really be the fire that burns inside of them and makes them a stronger, more courageous, and joyous person. Truly, Zebra Crossings has changed our lives for the better.”

- Thaia Katsos

“I am not sure there are many places where there are such kind, caring people.  It is also a place where others have chronic illnesses, some the same as yours.  It makes it a lot of fun to just talk and relate to someone that you can’t necessarily do at school.”

- Teen participant

The efforts of Zebra Crossings are supported by our generous sponsors, both individual and business. Want to join the ranks?

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