Asthma Programs


Our current programming for our Asthma families includes our annual Camp Spinnaker
and our monthly day programs open to all youth with chronic health conditions.
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Camp Spinnaker

August 15 – 18, 2024

At Camp Merrowvista

Center Tuftonboro, NH


An overnight camp for children with asthma and their families.


Register for just $25 per person!
Thanks to the Lemon Family, the Pattony Foundation and the NH Asthma Program for making this possible.

Email [email protected] for more information.

picture of a child using indoor climbing equipment

About Camp Spinnaker

Camp Spinnaker is an overnight camp for youth with asthma and their families.

The camp is operated by Zebra Crossings with onsite support and oversight by medical volunteers.

All the fun activities of a traditional overnight camp with the added benefit of asthma education presented by qualified asthma educators.


Goals of participating in this fun camp experience

  • Increased self-confidence and sense of independence
  • Inspiration to live life to the fullest
  • Desire to seek opportunities to achieve goals
  • Awareness to take responsibility for their own health.
  • Ability to recognize asthma symptoms and take appropriate action.

What to expect:

  • Our staff and the Camp staff with greet you upon arrival.
  • We will have planned activities and meals, as well as downtime for families to rest and relax.
  • We will host this camp rain or shine, but don’t worry our host camp has both indoor and outdoor activity areas.


On the grounds of Camp Merrowvista there is a field house/gym type of space that houses the ropes course and rock climbing wall. This space is also great for games of all sorts and ensures that no matter what weather is encountered during Camp Spinnaker, everyone will be able to be active and have fun!

Sample activities:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Archery
  • Rock Climbing
  • Ropes Course
  • Campfire
  • Hike to Waterfall
  • Kickball
  • Asthma Education

Parents are part of the equation, too, and we want to carve out time for parents to connect with each other.  A relaxed and regulated parent is a parent who is able to face their child’s needs without fear or judgment. In turn, this means that the child does not worry about being “different” and is able to be centered and fully present. This allows them to learn and grow, because they feel safe and “ok.”

Info about our host campground:

Location: Camp Merrowvista, 147 Canaan Road, Center Tuftonboro, NH 03816


We will be staying in a large lodge with individual, dormitory style rooms. Each family will have their own room(s). The rooms have beds that are typical of a college dorm, some are single beds, but most are bunk beds. There are shared bathrooms, again, very much like the bathrooms in a dormitory, with multiple sinks, toilets and showers. The lodge has its own kitchen and dining area where everyone will eat meals together that are served “family” style. There is also a fairly large recreation space in the daylit basement of the lodge, which is very useful if the weather isn’t cooperating.



“Set on over 600 acres in the pristine Ossipee Mountains of New Hampshire, Merrowvista draws you into a life that is rustic, uncomplicated, and filled with excitement. Trails lead through the forest to mountain peaks just waiting to be explored. Dan Hole Pond, a crystal clear lake, is the hub of waterfront activities. This beautiful setting provides the perfect backdrop to discover what it means to be my own self, at my very best, all the time!”  Visit  to learn more about Merrowvista.

Merrowvista Office
Merrowvista Recreation Center
Camp Merrowvista Waterfront
Merrowvista Waterfront Sunrise

We’re coming! What should we bring?

We will find a balance between indoor and outdoor activity options. The weather has been varying widely lately so please dress in layers to accommodate for all temperature and weather conditions. In addition, if it is raining, the ground will be muddy in areas. We recommend bringing comfortable clothing that allows you to play!


  • Any medications you might need
  • Water bottle
  • A book or a favorite game to play with friends during downtime
  • Daypack to carry all belongings
  • Flashlight and batteries

Linens And Bedding:

  • 1 fitted sheet, pillow & pillowcase
  • 1 sleeping bag
  • 2 towels and washcloths

Toiletry Items:

  • Shower shoes (flip flops, plastic shoes)
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Sunscreen: SPF 40 or higher, waterproof recommended
  • Insect repellant
  • Lip balm


      • At least 1 pair of sneakers required for outdoor activities
      • An extra pair of indoor shoes or slippers
      • 1 Pair of long pants
      • 4 Pairs of shorts
      • 4 Shirts
      • Swimsuit
      • Sweatshirt
      • Raincoat or poncho with a hood
      • Pajamas
      • 4 Pairs of socks
      • 4 Pairs of underwear

      What to leave at home:

      • Jewelry, money or other valuables
      • Pocket knives or weapons of any kind
      • Gum, candy, snacks. If you bring items to supplement dietary needs, please avoid all nuts.

Email [email protected] for more information or use the button below to register.

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