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We Are Grateful For Such Generosity!

We are grateful for the generous support of our 2020 sponsors and donors. Together we find strength in numbers and make a difference in the lives of our kids and families.

Change Circle: $10,000+

I Inspire Circle: $5,000-9,999

I Believe Circle: $2,500-4,999

I Dream Circle: $1,000-2,499

 I Hope Circle: $500-999

  • Abi & Laurie Seifert-Germain
  • Astrid Wielens & Bridget Stearns
  • Kim & Harry Wesson
  • Eileen Sewall
  • Natural Care Wellness Center
  • Associated Grocers of New England, Inc
  • D.F. Richard Energy
  • Hatch Build Remodel Repair
  • Upton & Hatfield, LLP

 I Care Circle: $250-499 

  • Bottomline Technologies
  • Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation
  • Mary Henderson
  • Maree Brady & Leah Albrecht
  • Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin
  • Cocheco Financial Group
  • Cynthia Clainos
  • Lenk Orthodontics
  • Loyal Order of Moose -Dover Lodge No. 443
  • People’s United Bank
  • Durval & Christie Salema
  • Shaheen & Gordon
  • Runner’s Alley

I Encourage Circle: $100-249

  • St. Thomas Aquinas Students
  • Esis Client Services
  • Joyce Design Solutions
  • Nature’s Way Market
  • Wanderlust Marketing

Program Sponsorship Opportunities

Zebra Crossings offers program sponsorship opportunities at varied levels. This is a unique opportunity to directly impact the program of your choice, enabling empowerment and adventure. See your donation at work by choosing a program to help fund.

Programs With A Mission

Zebra Crossings’ programs serve various age groups along with parents and siblings. Current programs are inclusive of asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, JRA, hemophilia, severe allergies, skin conditions and autoimmune disorders

“Zebra Crossings has given my children a power they never would have learned to unleash. Here, they feel accepted, encouraged and understood. They are taught that what they believe to be their inadequacies, can really be the fire that burns inside of them and makes them a stronger, more courageous, and joyous person. Truly, Zebra Crossings has changed our lives for the better.”

- Thaia Katsos

“Zebra Crossings is a fun place where you can go and feel safe because they understand how you feel. You get to express yourself and experience all kinds of things and nothing holds you back.”

- Luke, age 10

“It is an amazing experience to not feel alone in the world. To meet and share some wonderful kid stories has given me and my family so much hope for the future”

- Family Camp Parent

“I am not sure there are many places where there are such kind, caring people.  It is also a place where others have chronic illnesses, some the same as yours.  It makes it a lot of fun to just talk and relate to someone that you can’t necessarily do at school.”

- Teen participant

“Before camp my son was embarrassed to go to the nurse. He wouldn’t take meds before gym, and then tried to hide his asthma symptoms and chest/lung pain.” Since camp, my son has been willing to take albuterol before gym class, has been more confident and willing to participate in groups with active outdoor activities.”

- Asthma Camp Parent

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The efforts of Zebra Crossings are supported by our generous sponsors, both individual and business. Want to join the ranks?

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