What is Zebra Crossings?

Zebra Crossings, based in Dover NH, provides a broad range of day and overnight programs throughout the year for children with a chronic health condition. Our programs serve youth who have a chronic health condition and those at risk of developing a chronic health condition. 
Programs are held at various locations throughout the New Hampshire Seacaost. Activities include recreational activities, such as art projects, sports, group games, archery, swimming, climbing wall, ropes course, kayaking, and more.
Why the name Zebra Crossings?

explorationZebra Crossing is a British term for a crosswalk marked with broad white stripes. It is a place where pedestrians have the right of way to safely cross from one side to the other.

A zebra’s black and white stripes come in different patterns unique to each individual. A common belief is that the stripes serve as camouflage. A herd of zebras standing close together may appear as one and as more powerful.

For children who live with a chronic health condition, it is similar. Each child is a unique individual, but these children also have a lot in common and can relate to each other because of their illnesses. Children with chronic health conditions often feel isolated in their own communities. On their own, they stand out because of their perceived limitations or needs. However, when we come together as a community, there is strength in numbers and we feel empowered and supported in our understanding of each other.

Zebra Crossings can help your child and family connect with others who are crossing the same challenging terrain of living with a chronic health condition. We are here to help you to focus on your family’s wellness needs and to discover the opportunities that exist for living life to the fullest. We like to define ourselves by what we are capable achieving and believe in trying new things. We may do these things a little differently and with the goal to provide inclusive experiences.
what_is_3_picsWe offer diverse year round programs ranging from social gatherings, day events to overnight experiences. We understand that the needs of all family members are different and that every family member needs a support network. Therefore, we offer variety in our program options and activities. Some programs are for children with a chronic health condition, some are for siblings only and some are for the entire family, where parents can have some respite time as well.

In our programs you have “the right of way” as we know you have so much on your mind already. Please let us know what the interests are of your family. Who knows…we may be able to make it happen. After all, we believe we have to give it at least a try.



Zebra Crossings is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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