LIT Programs for ages 16-17 (Future program)


In the next couple of years, as our participants grow into this age group we plan to offer a Leader In Training (LIT) Program. This will be a unique program for a small group of high school juniors and seniors that would like to become part of the Zebra Crossings community by volunteering their time to assist with youth programs as LIT.

position6We will be looking for LIT’s who have a chronic health condition themselves. LIT's will be able to relate to the participant's experience and have the opportunity to be a rolemodel for them.

Together LIT’s join a team representing the various chronic health conditions. This group of LIT’s will participate in training weekends and a culminating field trip. However, they will be stepping into their LIT role for our youth programs.

This program is designed as a year round program experience. Those interested need to apply to become part of the group.



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