Medical Volunteers

Medical_Volunteers_01Parents need peace of mind when they allow their children with a chronic health condition to go out of sight. They need to know that their child will be able to have fun and be worry free for a while in a safe environment.

We make a commitment to our families that Zebra Crossings programs are supervised by medical staff.  Each chronic health condition requires a different level of medical guidance. Therefore the number of medical staff and their level of training may vary. In general, we plan for at least one medical staff for every 8 participants to focus on the chronic health condition of the participants. This will always include at least one registered nurse with the support of an EMT or second nurse. Additional medical staff may be added based on the group size and medical needs of the group.

Zebra Crossings has liability and malpractice insurance coverage for volunteer nurses.

We can only offer our programs with your support

If you are a licensed medical professional (MD, NP, or RN, or EMT) and you want to be part of an energizing and empowering experience for kids, please contact us.

We promise that you will leave your day of volunteering reminded of the resilience and strength of these children that you often see as patients only. This time you can provide these youth the opportunity to try new things and to see themselves as capable to live full lives.



Zebra Crossings is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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