How to Apply

We encourage parents to contact us  to talk about their child's health condition, their strenghts and interests, as well as any special needs. We would like to assess with you if we can include your child safely in our program and how to make any accommodations to set your child up for a positive experience.
All our programs are supported by donations, grants and sponsorships and families only pay a small registration fee to commit to the program. This fee helps us to underwrite some of the direct expenses of the program. However, it should never prohibit anyone from joining our programs as we will waive it if needed.

position8For all programs the following guidelines apply:
  • Participants need to have a diagnosis of a chronic health condition.
  • Participants need to be in the appropriate age group at the start of the program.
  • Participants will be chosen without regard of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background.
  • Severity of the health condition: we may favor a participant whose condition is more severe over those participants whose condition is mild.
  • However, the chronic health condition and/or other medical conditions must be stable enough to participate in daily program activities. Our primary focus is the safety of all our participants.
  • First time participants will be given priority over returning participants.
  • Capacity of each program: The number of participants, and the gender mix of participants, is often determined by the overall facility size, housing options and staff coverage.
  • Number of family members with a chronic health condition: Given the stress on families with multiple members with a chronic health condition, serious consideration will be given to accept siblings applying for camp.
  • Receipt date of completed application packet: Registrations received by the early registration date of the program will be given priority in the selection process. All registrations received after that date will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis.

All applications will be held until the registration deadline. After this date, our team will review all the completed applications and a determination of your child's eligibility will be made. You will receive notification within a week of the registration deadline. After the registration deadline enrollment is first come first serve.

Where you live does not matter. If you are willing to travel to our program and we have an opening….you are welcome to join us!



Zebra Crossings is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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