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Creating a community where children with chronic health conditions as well as their families feel supported, safe to explore and thrive.
Adventures. Empowerment. Friendships.

At Zebra Crossings children with chronic health conditions have a chance to experience new adventures. They are encouraged to try new experiences and empowered to approach life with greater confidence. In a supportive and safe peer environment they build lasting friendships which helps them feel included, connected, and understood.

In 2009 Zebra Crossings set out to change the lives of these children by becoming the first organization in the region to provide year-round, medically supervised programs.

Parents of children with chronic health conditions benefit from the respite opportunities that our programs provide. Due to our small numbers and our low camper to staff ratios, children with conditions that need close monitoring are safe and welcome. Parents can drop off their child and feel comfortable that their child’s needs are supported.

We welcome siblings to attend our programs, as it helps some children adapt and feel safe. In addition, we recognize that siblings often feel a high level of responsibility. They also can benefit from our programs by receiving support from other campers, so they can be worry free for a while.

Our vision is to expand our programs and the number of children and families we serve.
Become a Sponsor or Donor now, and you can be part of our growth and impact a child’s future. 

$1·         $    25 supports a child for a discovery day program

$1·         $   125 supports a child for week of day camp

$1·         $   250 supports a family for a weekend retreat

$1·         $   400 supports a child for a week of overnight camp

$1·         $ 1,000 funds an entire discovery day program for 25 children


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